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The number one new flight simulation game currently on the market is the Virtual Pilot 3D. The game was developed by three men: Mr. Mark Duran, Mr. Ozil Aguirre, and Mr. John Irwin. This flight simulator has a huge emphasis on being as realistic as possible while still maintaining excitement to the gamers using it. The program provides appealing features to all gamers no matter what they are looking for in a flight simulation game.


What Virtual Pilot 3D Has to Offer

The game offers players the chance to experience a brand new era in regard to simulation games. This game’s software has well over twenty five thousand different airports to choose from whom are perfectly modeled after the actual location. The software also has over two hundred different aircrafts to fly all equipped with cockpit controls that are realistic. The background scenery that users of this software will experience are beautifully crafted imitations of actual terrains. It is because of how realistic this software is that many flight instructors use it as a tool for teaching pilots in training. Not only can this be a wonderful game, but it can also provide excellent preparation to individuals interested in flying real aircrafts because of how detailed the designs are.


Changes in Climate and Atmosphere

The software for Virtual Pilot 3D use features such as exact mapping within the earth as well as weather that is authentic to the time. This means that whatever the weather is like for that day while you are playing the simulation game is what it will be like within the game. If its snowing in Colorado and you choose to do a flight simulation in a Colorado airport it will be snowing during your simulation as well. Gamers have the option to choose what type of weather conditions they want to fly in or they can opt to have the weather conditions to change unexpectedly. This is great practice for individuals who plan on being true pilots to experience flying in thunderstorms with air turbulence to deal with which are situations that all pilots will have to encounter at some point in their career.


World Atlas Full of Dynamics

Using a unique feature referred to as the dynamic world atlas allows software users to monitor their flight progress in actual time. During these flight simulations the time will change automatically keeping in mind that during actual flights pilots may pass through different time zones. This means that an evening scene could all of a sudden become a early morning scene or vice versa. Virtual Pilot 3D also includes management for Air targeted visitors that shows a great amount of intelligence. It has included within it the Ground, the Tower, and the Approach as well as the Center and even Departure. Gamers can even choose to perform a flight simulation while working with the IFR and the VFR. Users can also do ILS requests or create airport Vectors. The game is supported by navigation supporting systems like the GPS navigation, and VOR as well as NDB. For those interested in owning this game it can only be purchased on the vendor’s website right now, not at any local gaming shops.


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