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When it comes to all the various types of computer games available on the market that deal with racing automobiles, killing aliens, or flying spaceships the all time favorite type of computer game is the flight simulations and the new number one flight simulator on the market now is the Virtual Pilot 3D. Some of the individuals who have already experienced playing this game feel that out of all of the flight simulator systems that have been produced this one is the one that is most realistic.

It is also considered to be an extremely comprehensive system, more so than any other systems in its category that are available on the market. The programs functionality is limitless and it is the very first flight simulator of its kind that has been produced using a virtual environment using high density 3D. The reason why this flight simulator is so good is because it gives gamers control over all the different aspects of their flight simulation from what kind of aircraft they want to fly to what they want their weather conditions to look like.

Pilots who are experienced understand what types of features need to be present in order for this type of system to be any good. The system has to have the ability to recreate all of the details no matter how small in regard to environment and activity that would be present during an actual flight. Some of the features that Virtual Pilot 3D has that allows them to accomplish this includes:

· More than twenty five thousand runways and the actual airports to go with them.

· Actual models of more than two hundred different aircrafts.

· Perfectly recreated cockpits with real control panels.

· Matching vistas and landscape that really exist.


Benefits of this Flight Simulator

Gamers are able to receive a complete experience of flying an aircraft because of how detailed the system is. Due to the games attention to detail and how realistic it is has become a learning tool for new pilots who are in training. The system has received approval from the FAA with the Real World Terrain of NASA. Even with the tiniest change to the weather conditions within the stimulation it will change how the aircraft gamers are flying will handle and respond to their direction just as an aircraft would do during an actual flight.

Due to this attention to detail users of the system will learn how they should appropriately respond to such changes by adjusting their controls or making other compensations for a huge amount of other plausible possibilities. This system not only works for new pilots who are in training, but it is fun for all users.

One of the reasons why this system is so much fun is because users of the system can fly to almost any destination that they can think of from Colorado even to Egypt. The program has other destinations such as Area 51 and the London Bridge, gamers will have no problem simulating the exact type of flight that they want to experience. In conclusion this system provides gamers with a challenge that is fun, exciting, and above all realistic.


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