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Virtual Pilot 3DThere are many different flight simulation programs that are currently available on the market for consumers to choose from. For those gamers that want to find flight simulation software that satisfies the imagination completely it is all about the technical aspects. The purpose of this article is to provide a Virtual Pilot 3D review.

This software package is one of the most beautifully put together flight simulation games currently available to the public. The graphics used are breathtaking and the level of realism is out of this world. The game takes the necessary steps to bring out all gamers inner pilot.

The system is equipped with an unlimited amount of aircrafts to lick from which has to be flown by van to whatever destination the player can come with under any type of weather conditions one can imagine. This system was built using the research found by NASA and it has obtained approval from the FAA. Gaining approval from the FAA means that professional flight trainers can use it as a tool for up and coming pilots.


The Pros

This Virtual Pilot 3D review will first discuss all of the pros that are to be had by users of this system. The first pro is that users can perform flight simulations using one of over two Virtual Cockpithundred different aircrafts. The amount of different options that this software provides is unbelievable and guarantees users will never become bored because they have to keep using the same aircraft over and over again.

Some of the aircraft’s that can be picked includes the Antonov An-225, a 747 Jumbo jet, a SR71 Blackbird as well as aircraft models that are pre world war.

The flight sim has used the designs of actual cockpits and even control systems to create identical models in the game. The controls within the simulation behave exactly as they would in a real aircraft with time delay within the input and also response, system failures will occur randomly as well as other malfunctions. The system also has tutorials to go along with all the different types of aircrafts in the game.

In one part of the game it will give a test to the gamer testing their imagination in regard to flying destinations. Gamers will take off from their local airstrip to any destination within the world that they can imagine. The game provides users with all the destinations that the entire world has to offer. All of the aircrafts within this simulation game will have the same reactions to bad weather as the actual aircrafts would in real life.

The game enables multiple users to install it onto their computer and has an embedded feature that allows multiple players.


The Cons

SC12Now this Virtual Pilot 3D review will discuss the cons of this gaming system. This system has a learning curve that might not be simple for beginners to get a grasp of.

Beginners will most likely need to view tutorials for this gaming system in order to really master the workings of this game. Another aspect of this game that some consider to be a con is that it can only be purchased on the website of the vendors.


The Conclusion

In the end the conclusion is that this is a wonderful game to own. Four out of every five players of this game would recommend this flight simulation system to their friends as well as other flight simulation enthusiasts.


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