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Virtual Pilot 3D-Licensed for Commercial Use Making It Perfect for Any Pilot

Flight simulation games vary greatly in terms of features, scenery and terrain among other things. When going to choose a program of this type, potential buyers should look at these features to find a program which is most similar to actual flying conditions. A program which is FAA certified and used to train actual pilots is preferred as it offers users the opportunity to experience what it feels like in an actual cockpit.

What features should be considered of most importance when choosing and what else should users look for when choosing a program of this type? Virtual Pilot 3D has these features and more so many opt to purchase this software program.

Features to Look for When Choosing a Flight Sim Game:

  • Controls identical to those seen in an actual cockpit
  • A variety of aircraft to choose from
  • Thousands of real world airports to select from
  • Realistic instrument behavior
  • Real time weather which changes according to your preferences
  • Real-life terrain
  • Interactive multi-player network
  • Full hardware support
  • Multi-use license
  • Advanced flight simulation options


Advanced Features Found in Virtual Pilot 3D:

Many opt to choose this flight sim game due to the advanced features included with the program. These features include:

  • Real airtime routes
  • Intelligent air traffic control
  • Scenery designer software and flight planner
  • Advanced navigation features including GPS navigation
  • Instrument and autopilot flying

Features such as this distinguish standard plane simulation games from advanced ones suitable for commercial use. Anyone dreaming of piloting an aircraft needs to have advanced features such as this. Training in these areas can make the difference between life and death when behind the controls of a plane or helicopter. Why settle for anything less than the best?

Ease of Installation:

When you go to choose a flight simulation program, ease of installation and ease of use should be considered. Those who select the Virtual Pilot simulation program love the fact that it is installed in only eight minutes. Once installation is complete, the “Flight Launcher” allows a flight to start immediately . If options are to be customized, this may be done at this time. Flying from the comfort of home has never been easier. Anyone looking to purchase a flight simulation game should definitely check this one out.

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