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Virtual Pilot 3D is the Preferred Choice of Career Pilots

A number of people love to fly, but not everyone is cut out to be a pilot. If this is something you think you would like to do, but aren’t 100 percent certain that you are prepared to be a pilot, try your hand at a flight sim program such as Virtual Pilot 3D. This is the same program used by many airline carriers to train their pilots so you will get a realistic view of what is involved when you are in the cockpit. Doing so allows you to save the cost of flying lessons if you find this isn’t something you are interested in.

When you try Virtual Pilot, you’ll see that it realistically recreates the experience of flying an actual plane and yet you are able to do so from the comfort of your own home. The flight modeling system and cockpit controls mimic those found in the actual aircraft you choose and this flight simulator game offers many other benefits. Those who have tried other flight simulator programs over the years were disappointed to see the aircraft and world terrain weren’t properly updated or the program was slow and therefore didn’t capture real flight conditions where things happen in the blink of an eye. Virtual Pilot 3D has addressed these issues so you get the most realistic flying experience possible and this program has even been approved by the FAA so you know the claims are true.

When you choose to make use of Virtual Pilot 3D, you’ll have over 200 aircraft to select from, ranging from planes and helicopters to rare machines such as the Airbus 380. Learn how weather and wind affect different aircraft and choose from more than 25,000 airports to take off and land. The scenery is ultra realistic so you’ll feel like you are actually landing in various parts of the world and the weather is based on real-time accurate mapping. If it’s raining where you are flying, it will be raining when you arrive also. This allows you to test your skills in loud thunder, low clouds, dense fog and more. The program takes this even further though and offers many other features.

Advanced options include full air traffic control, accurate instrument approach rates and the ability to see worldwide scenery so you can fly over your own home or take a trip through the Grand Canyon. It’s all a matter of what you want to do with this incredible program. This program comes with a multi-use license and full hardware support so you can use joysticks, a yoke, foot pedals and more. Fly with friends and family or go it alone. You are in complete control at all times.

Read a Virtual Pilot 3D review to see what others have to say about this game. Once you do, you’ll understand why so many choose this program over the many others available and why actual pilots use it for training purposes. Free and discount flight simulators don’t offer the features found in this program, making it worth every dime you spend.


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