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The Best Virtual Pilot 3D Game Does Not Come From Microsoft

Flight simulator online games are becoming more realistic and less arcade style. The sound effects are astonishing. Games are based on real life people or industries and others are fictional. However, nearly every male is a soldier at heart, whether they fought in the war or served in the military or not.

Experience the Power

Virtual Pilot 3D is the ultimate real time game that makes it hard for gamers to distinguish between realism and stimulation. The game is designed in 3D so players can experience the game as though they are on the screen. The game is so popular it is used as an actual training module for real pilots. The layout of the game is similar to the flight simulation of professional pilots. It is FAA certified and is suitable for commercial usage. The game is currently under beta testing and will be used in flight training schools nationwide.

It is not like any ordinary game. Players can experience the realization of being inside a plane, in the control room and in the cockpit. The high fidelity volume and creative visual effects are features of the game that makes it interesting. The flight Sim game is so advanced it can store more than 200 air crafts.

Fly Around the World in Real Time

Players can feel the wind turbulence as they travel through bad weather. The game predicts how the plane will react in real time and mimics the outcome. The control lags but the pilot players always maintain control of the wheel. In some instances, even in real time systems failure occur. Virtual Pilot 3D do not miss a beat when it comes to delivering real life like experiences.

The launch wizard allows players to choose their own weather. What a great way for pilots to learn how to guide their plane in the worst possible weather. The game imitates or models real life planes using virtual life instruments and their behaviors. The game let players experience the real feel of flying. Testing schools are lucky to have such a game as this at their disposal. With the FAA standing behind the VirtualPilot3D plane simulation game that makes the game even more credible.

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