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Why Virtual Pilot 3D? Many Reasons to Choose This Program

Are you in the market for a new flight simulation game? Are you tired of the one you currently have as it is limited in terms of features and options? If so, look no further than Virtual Pilot 3D. With this program, you get a wide variety of features not seen on other programs and you can be up and flying in no time at all thanks to the easy installation process. This program has been approved by the FAA and has real worldwide terrain based on data provided by NASA. It’s exactly what you need to understand what it feels like to pilot an actual aircraft.

Standard Features

Features of this program are unlike those seen in other plane simulation games. When you choose to purchase Virtual Pilot, you will get features such as:

  • Built in interactive tutorials
  • Google map integration
  • More than 200 aircraft to choose from, including rare planes such as the Airbus 380
  • Video tutorials
  • Air-to-air refueling
  • Aircraft carrier landings
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Hardware support for items such as foot pedals and yokes
  • Over 25,000 airports to choose from


Advanced Features

Choose Virtual Pilot 3D and you get many features above and beyond those mentioned above.

  • Instrument flying and autopilot options
  • Navigation features such as VOR and NDB
  • Ability to design scenery, create landmarks, landscapes and more
  • Intelligent aircraft control including ground, tower, centre ATC, departure and approach
  • Real airline routes to fly based on information you enter into the program

What other reasons do people give for choosing this flight simulation game? Instant access, a great low price and a money back guarantee are three reasons why they choose this over the many flight simulator games online available there. You have 60 days to review the program to ensure it is right for you and meets your needs. Most products don’t offer a guarantee and trial period such as this.

Other benefits of choosing this program include:

  • No hidden charges
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Support for major flight hardware products
  • Easy installation
  • DVD edition
  • Mouse and keyboard play for those without flight hardware

Consider purchasing this program today. The great low price won’t last forever. When you choose Virtual Pilot, you get an experience identical to that seen in an actual aircraft. There is no need to settle for anything less.