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Virtual Pilot 3D is a brand new online game and is the number one newest flight simulation system presently on the market. Like all games the system has both Pros and Cons, but this system’s Pos are greater by far than its Cons. The system is equipped with a complete modeled world that is fully realized. It contains landmarks and scenery that is accurate for all the different parts of the globe.

The flight sim is so well designed that it has become an alternative to the larger flight simulation systems that instructors use to train new professional pilots. It has been certified to be utilized for commercial purposes. It also provides the hardware and the frame rate checks that are necessary for certification with FAA. Currently this system is present worldwide within flight schools that have chosen to participate in the beta testing stages for this game.


Virtual Pilot 3D – The Pros

· Choice between over two hundred planes and helicopters. Gamers will never have a problem with trying to find a new aircraft that they can test.

· Aircraft choices includes rare models such as the Wright Flyer from 1903 and the Airbus 380. These rare models will not be included within other flight simulations on the market.

· Choose between over twenty five thousand real world runways and the airports that go with them. The airports will be set in complete scenery.

· Gamers can experience the real life handling of a helicopter.

· Tu.way elevation changes can be seen. Gamers will be able to see how runways slope in real life when landing a plane.

· The behavior of the instruments and design of the co.tells is realistic.

· All of the hardware is supported which means gamers will be able to use their yoke, the foot pedals and even the throttle.

· The system is in Real Time and is intergrated with the Google Maps. This means users will be fully aware of exactly where they are within the world.

· System is equipped with tutorials on video. This allows users to easily learn how to fly an aircraft whether they are beginners or not.

· System contains both the Nimitz as well as Eisenhower. This let’s players experience what it is like to land on top of an Aircraft Carrier.

· It is enabled to have multiple players. Gamers can bottle among each other doing acrobatics and showing off their flying skills.

· Scenery that is so realistic that gamers will be able to see towns and lakes and an unlimited amount of other items.

· The game supports PC and MACS.


Virtual Pilot 3D – The Cons

· It takes a lot of time to download the simulation system. The size of this game is extremely large and for those with poor internet connection, the process of downloading it will take even longer. The entire process can take up to a couple of hours.

· The system can feel a little overwhelming to new users in the beginning. Due to the numerous amounts of airplanes and helicopters as well as maps that can be chosen from, new users of Virtual Pilot 3D may become overwhelmed during the first couple of times playing the game.


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