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An Assessment of Virtual Pilot 3D

Virtual Pilot 3D is considered by many to be the greatest new simulation of flight program available on the market. It offers users demos as well as manuals built within the program. The game allows individuals to experience new situations that they may never come across in the real world but allows them to become prepared for an endless amount of situations that could possibly occur. When compared to other flight simulation games online this one is far more superior. This one provides many different features that others do not. Dedicated gamers as well as other users will be able to pick between more than two hundred different types of aircrafts to undergo their simulation with. Not only are their a huge selection of aircrafts to choose from, but users also have their pick of airports as well as what they want their weather conditions to be.


Air Craft Instruments

In an acclmplished effort to make the simulation of flying an aircraft as realistic as possible the program has within it instruments that are identical to the actual aircrafts instruments. The program will throw at users system failures that take place unexpectedly, weather conditions that become poor and unfavorable for flight, and all kinds of other hurdles within a user’s experience with the simulation. This feature makes the experience feel that much more life like as well as keeping the gamers interested and excited about the game.


Airport Choices

In order to ensure that gamers will not be forced to perform flight simulations using the same destinations over and over again, Virtual Pilot 3D offers more than twenty five thousand different airports to use. Among these airports are the United States most well known and famous introduced to gamers in such a way that will have them swearing that they are actually there. The game also allows users to perform a simulation where they fly around aimlessly with no set destination or they can choose whatever destination and path that they desire.


Changes In Weather

Gamers can start off their simulation experience up in the sky with the perfect weather situation and then without any notice be dealing with thunder and lightning or hail. This occurs due to a feature referred to as real time weather updates. This means the weather conditions within the simulation will never be consistent and will change constantly. With all the various timezones that can be used and destinations that can be picked, the weather conditions will prove to be exciting challenges for gamers to overcome.



When it comes to this game consumers will not be able to purchase the simulation program from their local shops. The only location in which the game can be purchased is from the website of the vendors. On the website individuals will have the option to download the game directly onto their computer or they can have the game mailed to them in the form of multiple DVDs. Individuals who have no interest in being patient and want to begin their gaming experience as soon as possible will opt to download it. For those who choose to have the DVDs mailed to them, their wait will be no more than one to two weeks.


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