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Virtual Pilot 3DThere are many different flight simulation programs that are currently available on the market for consumers to choose from. For those gamers that want to find flight simulation software that satisfies the imagination completely it is all about the technical aspects. The purpose of this article is to provide a Virtual Pilot 3D review.

This software package is one of the most beautifully put together flight simulation games currently available to the public. The graphics used are breathtaking and the level of realism is out of this world. The game takes the necessary steps to bring out all gamers inner pilot.

The system is equipped with an unlimited amount of aircrafts to lick from which has to be flown by van to whatever destination the player can come with under any type of weather conditions one can imagine. This system was built using the research found by NASA and it has obtained approval from the FAA. Gaining approval from the FAA means that professional flight trainers can use it as a tool for up and coming pilots.


The Pros

This Virtual Pilot 3D review will first discuss all of the pros that are to be had by users of this system. The first pro is that users can perform flight simulations using one of over two Virtual Cockpithundred different aircrafts. The amount of different options that this software provides is unbelievable and guarantees users will never become bored because they have to keep using the same aircraft over and over again.

Some of the aircraft’s that can be picked includes the Antonov An-225, a 747 Jumbo jet, a SR71 Blackbird as well as aircraft models that are pre world war.

The flight sim has used the designs of actual cockpits and even control systems to create identical models in the game. The controls within the simulation behave exactly as they would in a real aircraft with time delay within the input and also response, system failures will occur randomly as well as other malfunctions. The system also has tutorials to go along with all the different types of aircrafts in the game.

In one part of the game it will give a test to the gamer testing their imagination in regard to flying destinations. Gamers will take off from their local airstrip to any destination within the world that they can imagine. The game provides users with all the destinations that the entire world has to offer. All of the aircrafts within this simulation game will have the same reactions to bad weather as the actual aircrafts would in real life.

The game enables multiple users to install it onto their computer and has an embedded feature that allows multiple players.


The Cons

SC12Now this Virtual Pilot 3D review will discuss the cons of this gaming system. This system has a learning curve that might not be simple for beginners to get a grasp of.

Beginners will most likely need to view tutorials for this gaming system in order to really master the workings of this game. Another aspect of this game that some consider to be a con is that it can only be purchased on the website of the vendors.


The Conclusion

In the end the conclusion is that this is a wonderful game to own. Four out of every five players of this game would recommend this flight simulation system to their friends as well as other flight simulation enthusiasts.


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Virtual Pilot 3D is the Preferred Choice of Career Pilots

A number of people love to fly, but not everyone is cut out to be a pilot. If this is something you think you would like to do, but aren’t 100 percent certain that you are prepared to be a pilot, try your hand at a flight sim program such as Virtual Pilot 3D. This is the same program used by many airline carriers to train their pilots so you will get a realistic view of what is involved when you are in the cockpit. Doing so allows you to save the cost of flying lessons if you find this isn’t something you are interested in.

When you try Virtual Pilot, you’ll see that it realistically recreates the experience of flying an actual plane and yet you are able to do so from the comfort of your own home. The flight modeling system and cockpit controls mimic those found in the actual aircraft you choose and this flight simulator game offers many other benefits. Those who have tried other flight simulator programs over the years were disappointed to see the aircraft and world terrain weren’t properly updated or the program was slow and therefore didn’t capture real flight conditions where things happen in the blink of an eye. Virtual Pilot 3D has addressed these issues so you get the most realistic flying experience possible and this program has even been approved by the FAA so you know the claims are true.

When you choose to make use of Virtual Pilot 3D, you’ll have over 200 aircraft to select from, ranging from planes and helicopters to rare machines such as the Airbus 380. Learn how weather and wind affect different aircraft and choose from more than 25,000 airports to take off and land. The scenery is ultra realistic so you’ll feel like you are actually landing in various parts of the world and the weather is based on real-time accurate mapping. If it’s raining where you are flying, it will be raining when you arrive also. This allows you to test your skills in loud thunder, low clouds, dense fog and more. The program takes this even further though and offers many other features.

Advanced options include full air traffic control, accurate instrument approach rates and the ability to see worldwide scenery so you can fly over your own home or take a trip through the Grand Canyon. It’s all a matter of what you want to do with this incredible program. This program comes with a multi-use license and full hardware support so you can use joysticks, a yoke, foot pedals and more. Fly with friends and family or go it alone. You are in complete control at all times.

Read a Virtual Pilot 3D review to see what others have to say about this game. Once you do, you’ll understand why so many choose this program over the many others available and why actual pilots use it for training purposes. Free and discount flight simulators don’t offer the features found in this program, making it worth every dime you spend.


Why Virtual Pilot 3D? Many Reasons to Choose This Program

Are you in the market for a new flight simulation game? Are you tired of the one you currently have as it is limited in terms of features and options? If so, look no further than Virtual Pilot 3D. With this program, you get a wide variety of features not seen on other programs and you can be up and flying in no time at all thanks to the easy installation process. This program has been approved by the FAA and has real worldwide terrain based on data provided by NASA. It’s exactly what you need to understand what it feels like to pilot an actual aircraft.

Standard Features

Features of this program are unlike those seen in other plane simulation games. When you choose to purchase Virtual Pilot, you will get features such as:

  • Built in interactive tutorials
  • Google map integration
  • More than 200 aircraft to choose from, including rare planes such as the Airbus 380
  • Video tutorials
  • Air-to-air refueling
  • Aircraft carrier landings
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Hardware support for items such as foot pedals and yokes
  • Over 25,000 airports to choose from


Advanced Features

Choose Virtual Pilot 3D and you get many features above and beyond those mentioned above.

  • Instrument flying and autopilot options
  • Navigation features such as VOR and NDB
  • Ability to design scenery, create landmarks, landscapes and more
  • Intelligent aircraft control including ground, tower, centre ATC, departure and approach
  • Real airline routes to fly based on information you enter into the program

What other reasons do people give for choosing this flight simulation game? Instant access, a great low price and a money back guarantee are three reasons why they choose this over the many flight simulator games online available there. You have 60 days to review the program to ensure it is right for you and meets your needs. Most products don’t offer a guarantee and trial period such as this.

Other benefits of choosing this program include:

  • No hidden charges
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Support for major flight hardware products
  • Easy installation
  • DVD edition
  • Mouse and keyboard play for those without flight hardware

Consider purchasing this program today. The great low price won’t last forever. When you choose Virtual Pilot, you get an experience identical to that seen in an actual aircraft. There is no need to settle for anything less.

Virtual Pilot 3D-Licensed for Commercial Use Making It Perfect for Any Pilot

Flight simulation games vary greatly in terms of features, scenery and terrain among other things. When going to choose a program of this type, potential buyers should look at these features to find a program which is most similar to actual flying conditions. A program which is FAA certified and used to train actual pilots is preferred as it offers users the opportunity to experience what it feels like in an actual cockpit.

What features should be considered of most importance when choosing and what else should users look for when choosing a program of this type? Virtual Pilot 3D has these features and more so many opt to purchase this software program.

Features to Look for When Choosing a Flight Sim Game:

  • Controls identical to those seen in an actual cockpit
  • A variety of aircraft to choose from
  • Thousands of real world airports to select from
  • Realistic instrument behavior
  • Real time weather which changes according to your preferences
  • Real-life terrain
  • Interactive multi-player network
  • Full hardware support
  • Multi-use license
  • Advanced flight simulation options


Advanced Features Found in Virtual Pilot 3D:

Many opt to choose this flight sim game due to the advanced features included with the program. These features include:

  • Real airtime routes
  • Intelligent air traffic control
  • Scenery designer software and flight planner
  • Advanced navigation features including GPS navigation
  • Instrument and autopilot flying

Features such as this distinguish standard plane simulation games from advanced ones suitable for commercial use. Anyone dreaming of piloting an aircraft needs to have advanced features such as this. Training in these areas can make the difference between life and death when behind the controls of a plane or helicopter. Why settle for anything less than the best?

Ease of Installation:

When you go to choose a flight simulation program, ease of installation and ease of use should be considered. Those who select the Virtual Pilot simulation program love the fact that it is installed in only eight minutes. Once installation is complete, the “Flight Launcher” allows a flight to start immediately . If options are to be customized, this may be done at this time. Flying from the comfort of home has never been easier. Anyone looking to purchase a flight simulation game should definitely check this one out.

The Best Virtual Pilot 3D Game Does Not Come From Microsoft

Flight simulator online games are becoming more realistic and less arcade style. The sound effects are astonishing. Games are based on real life people or industries and others are fictional. However, nearly every male is a soldier at heart, whether they fought in the war or served in the military or not.

Experience the Power

Virtual Pilot 3D is the ultimate real time game that makes it hard for gamers to distinguish between realism and stimulation. The game is designed in 3D so players can experience the game as though they are on the screen. The game is so popular it is used as an actual training module for real pilots. The layout of the game is similar to the flight simulation of professional pilots. It is FAA certified and is suitable for commercial usage. The game is currently under beta testing and will be used in flight training schools nationwide.

It is not like any ordinary game. Players can experience the realization of being inside a plane, in the control room and in the cockpit. The high fidelity volume and creative visual effects are features of the game that makes it interesting. The flight Sim game is so advanced it can store more than 200 air crafts.

Fly Around the World in Real Time

Players can feel the wind turbulence as they travel through bad weather. The game predicts how the plane will react in real time and mimics the outcome. The control lags but the pilot players always maintain control of the wheel. In some instances, even in real time systems failure occur. Virtual Pilot 3D do not miss a beat when it comes to delivering real life like experiences.

The launch wizard allows players to choose their own weather. What a great way for pilots to learn how to guide their plane in the worst possible weather. The game imitates or models real life planes using virtual life instruments and their behaviors. The game let players experience the real feel of flying. Testing schools are lucky to have such a game as this at their disposal. With the FAA standing behind the VirtualPilot3D plane simulation game that makes the game even more credible.

Flight Simulation With Virtual Pilot 3D

Virtual Pilot 3D is a brand new online game and is the number one newest flight simulation system presently on the market. Like all games the system has both Pros and Cons, but this system’s Pos are greater by far than its Cons. The system is equipped with a complete modeled world that is fully realized. It contains landmarks and scenery that is accurate for all the different parts of the globe.

The flight sim is so well designed that it has become an alternative to the larger flight simulation systems that instructors use to train new professional pilots. It has been certified to be utilized for commercial purposes. It also provides the hardware and the frame rate checks that are necessary for certification with FAA. Currently this system is present worldwide within flight schools that have chosen to participate in the beta testing stages for this game.


Virtual Pilot 3D – The Pros

· Choice between over two hundred planes and helicopters. Gamers will never have a problem with trying to find a new aircraft that they can test.

· Aircraft choices includes rare models such as the Wright Flyer from 1903 and the Airbus 380. These rare models will not be included within other flight simulations on the market.

· Choose between over twenty five thousand real world runways and the airports that go with them. The airports will be set in complete scenery.

· Gamers can experience the real life handling of a helicopter.

· Tu.way elevation changes can be seen. Gamers will be able to see how runways slope in real life when landing a plane.

· The behavior of the instruments and design of the co.tells is realistic.

· All of the hardware is supported which means gamers will be able to use their yoke, the foot pedals and even the throttle.

· The system is in Real Time and is intergrated with the Google Maps. This means users will be fully aware of exactly where they are within the world.

· System is equipped with tutorials on video. This allows users to easily learn how to fly an aircraft whether they are beginners or not.

· System contains both the Nimitz as well as Eisenhower. This let’s players experience what it is like to land on top of an Aircraft Carrier.

· It is enabled to have multiple players. Gamers can bottle among each other doing acrobatics and showing off their flying skills.

· Scenery that is so realistic that gamers will be able to see towns and lakes and an unlimited amount of other items.

· The game supports PC and MACS.


Virtual Pilot 3D – The Cons

· It takes a lot of time to download the simulation system. The size of this game is extremely large and for those with poor internet connection, the process of downloading it will take even longer. The entire process can take up to a couple of hours.

· The system can feel a little overwhelming to new users in the beginning. Due to the numerous amounts of airplanes and helicopters as well as maps that can be chosen from, new users of Virtual Pilot 3D may become overwhelmed during the first couple of times playing the game.


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Virtual Pilot 3D Simulator

When it comes to all the various types of computer games available on the market that deal with racing automobiles, killing aliens, or flying spaceships the all time favorite type of computer game is the flight simulations and the new number one flight simulator on the market now is the Virtual Pilot 3D. Some of the individuals who have already experienced playing this game feel that out of all of the flight simulator systems that have been produced this one is the one that is most realistic.

It is also considered to be an extremely comprehensive system, more so than any other systems in its category that are available on the market. The programs functionality is limitless and it is the very first flight simulator of its kind that has been produced using a virtual environment using high density 3D. The reason why this flight simulator is so good is because it gives gamers control over all the different aspects of their flight simulation from what kind of aircraft they want to fly to what they want their weather conditions to look like.

Pilots who are experienced understand what types of features need to be present in order for this type of system to be any good. The system has to have the ability to recreate all of the details no matter how small in regard to environment and activity that would be present during an actual flight. Some of the features that Virtual Pilot 3D has that allows them to accomplish this includes:

· More than twenty five thousand runways and the actual airports to go with them.

· Actual models of more than two hundred different aircrafts.

· Perfectly recreated cockpits with real control panels.

· Matching vistas and landscape that really exist.


Benefits of this Flight Simulator

Gamers are able to receive a complete experience of flying an aircraft because of how detailed the system is. Due to the games attention to detail and how realistic it is has become a learning tool for new pilots who are in training. The system has received approval from the FAA with the Real World Terrain of NASA. Even with the tiniest change to the weather conditions within the stimulation it will change how the aircraft gamers are flying will handle and respond to their direction just as an aircraft would do during an actual flight.

Due to this attention to detail users of the system will learn how they should appropriately respond to such changes by adjusting their controls or making other compensations for a huge amount of other plausible possibilities. This system not only works for new pilots who are in training, but it is fun for all users.

One of the reasons why this system is so much fun is because users of the system can fly to almost any destination that they can think of from Colorado even to Egypt. The program has other destinations such as Area 51 and the London Bridge, gamers will have no problem simulating the exact type of flight that they want to experience. In conclusion this system provides gamers with a challenge that is fun, exciting, and above all realistic.


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Virtual Pilot 3D Video Game

The number one new flight simulation game currently on the market is the Virtual Pilot 3D. The game was developed by three men: Mr. Mark Duran, Mr. Ozil Aguirre, and Mr. John Irwin. This flight simulator has a huge emphasis on being as realistic as possible while still maintaining excitement to the gamers using it. The program provides appealing features to all gamers no matter what they are looking for in a flight simulation game.


What Virtual Pilot 3D Has to Offer

The game offers players the chance to experience a brand new era in regard to simulation games. This game’s software has well over twenty five thousand different airports to choose from whom are perfectly modeled after the actual location. The software also has over two hundred different aircrafts to fly all equipped with cockpit controls that are realistic. The background scenery that users of this software will experience are beautifully crafted imitations of actual terrains. It is because of how realistic this software is that many flight instructors use it as a tool for teaching pilots in training. Not only can this be a wonderful game, but it can also provide excellent preparation to individuals interested in flying real aircrafts because of how detailed the designs are.


Changes in Climate and Atmosphere

The software for Virtual Pilot 3D use features such as exact mapping within the earth as well as weather that is authentic to the time. This means that whatever the weather is like for that day while you are playing the simulation game is what it will be like within the game. If its snowing in Colorado and you choose to do a flight simulation in a Colorado airport it will be snowing during your simulation as well. Gamers have the option to choose what type of weather conditions they want to fly in or they can opt to have the weather conditions to change unexpectedly. This is great practice for individuals who plan on being true pilots to experience flying in thunderstorms with air turbulence to deal with which are situations that all pilots will have to encounter at some point in their career.


World Atlas Full of Dynamics

Using a unique feature referred to as the dynamic world atlas allows software users to monitor their flight progress in actual time. During these flight simulations the time will change automatically keeping in mind that during actual flights pilots may pass through different time zones. This means that an evening scene could all of a sudden become a early morning scene or vice versa. Virtual Pilot 3D also includes management for Air targeted visitors that shows a great amount of intelligence. It has included within it the Ground, the Tower, and the Approach as well as the Center and even Departure. Gamers can even choose to perform a flight simulation while working with the IFR and the VFR. Users can also do ILS requests or create airport Vectors. The game is supported by navigation supporting systems like the GPS navigation, and VOR as well as NDB. For those interested in owning this game it can only be purchased on the vendor’s website right now, not at any local gaming shops.


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An Assessment of Virtual Pilot 3D

Virtual Pilot 3D is considered by many to be the greatest new simulation of flight program available on the market. It offers users demos as well as manuals built within the program. The game allows individuals to experience new situations that they may never come across in the real world but allows them to become prepared for an endless amount of situations that could possibly occur. When compared to other flight simulation games online this one is far more superior. This one provides many different features that others do not. Dedicated gamers as well as other users will be able to pick between more than two hundred different types of aircrafts to undergo their simulation with. Not only are their a huge selection of aircrafts to choose from, but users also have their pick of airports as well as what they want their weather conditions to be.


Air Craft Instruments

In an acclmplished effort to make the simulation of flying an aircraft as realistic as possible the program has within it instruments that are identical to the actual aircrafts instruments. The program will throw at users system failures that take place unexpectedly, weather conditions that become poor and unfavorable for flight, and all kinds of other hurdles within a user’s experience with the simulation. This feature makes the experience feel that much more life like as well as keeping the gamers interested and excited about the game.


Airport Choices

In order to ensure that gamers will not be forced to perform flight simulations using the same destinations over and over again, Virtual Pilot 3D offers more than twenty five thousand different airports to use. Among these airports are the United States most well known and famous introduced to gamers in such a way that will have them swearing that they are actually there. The game also allows users to perform a simulation where they fly around aimlessly with no set destination or they can choose whatever destination and path that they desire.


Changes In Weather

Gamers can start off their simulation experience up in the sky with the perfect weather situation and then without any notice be dealing with thunder and lightning or hail. This occurs due to a feature referred to as real time weather updates. This means the weather conditions within the simulation will never be consistent and will change constantly. With all the various timezones that can be used and destinations that can be picked, the weather conditions will prove to be exciting challenges for gamers to overcome.



When it comes to this game consumers will not be able to purchase the simulation program from their local shops. The only location in which the game can be purchased is from the website of the vendors. On the website individuals will have the option to download the game directly onto their computer or they can have the game mailed to them in the form of multiple DVDs. Individuals who have no interest in being patient and want to begin their gaming experience as soon as possible will opt to download it. For those who choose to have the DVDs mailed to them, their wait will be no more than one to two weeks.


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